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My approach is both effective and holistic to treat complex health issues, and local, to treat acute and isolated patient concerns.
During my career, I have worked both in France from 2013 to 2016 and in Canada from 2016. I have a diverse professional experience that I developed treating people of all ages (babies, children, adults, seniors, athletes, as well as prenatal and postnatal support).
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9 Osteopathic Approaches

Osteopathy is a type of manual therapy that supports the patient as a whole, focusing on functional disorders. Its approach includes the interdependence of the different systems of the body to identify the cause of a symptom and work on that.

Posture Evaluation

Posture is a significant risk factor for musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace and has been included in many observation-based assessment methods
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Muscle Strength Testing

The muscle strength Ttsting is used to evaluate weakness and can be effective in differentiating true weakness from imbalance or poor endurance.
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Muscle Energy Techniques

MET is a form of manual therapy that uses a muscle’s own energy in the form of gentle isometric contractions to relax the muscles via autogenic or reciprocal inhibition and lengthen the muscle.
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Osteo articular Techniques

The osteopathic articular technique, involving gently moving two joint surfaces, is used to reduce muscle spasms, ease neurological irritations, assist in joint mobility and help reduce pain and discomfort.
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Visceral Techniques

Applied with gentle pressure, visceral manipulation corrections can improve the mobility of an organ, improve neuro-vascular flow surrounding the organ and ultimately help maximize organ function.
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Cranio Sacral Therapy

The goal of this technique is to adjust the body’s physiology by restoring balance and optimal neuro-vascular flow surrounding the Central Nervous System and all of its autonomic centers.
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Fascia Techniques

Soft tissue manipulation can be used in many different ways. This method is used to evaluate the condition of tissues, ease restrictions, help the body’s fluids (blood, lymph, etc.) flow smoothly and restore function.
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Strenght and Conditioning

Strength and conditioning allow the body to work to its maximum potential; improving running performance, reducing injury risk, and speeding up recovery post-injury.
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Osteopathy Will Help You For

Osteopathy is a gentle, safe and very effective therapy for the prevention and treatment of various conditions as well as the enhancement of health.

Osteo Articular Disorders


Musculo Skeletal Disorders

  • Tendonitis elbow
  • Rotator cuff tendinitis
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Bursitis
  • Posture


Neuro Vegetative Disorders


Visceral Disorders


This article follow the most recent scientific research about concussion and osteopathy

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