Osteopathy for baby



As an osteopath, my role is to assess and release any restrictions creating discomfort or dysfunction for your baby.Very gentle craniosacral and myofascial techniques are used to encourage, rather than force, a response from the tissue.

The goal is to restore normal mobility of the musculoskeletal system to facilitate a balanced nervous system and flow of blood, lymphatic and cerebrospinal fluids.

This improves the function of the digestive and other systems.

A harmonious physical state also allows for greater resiliency to deal with future challenges.

When you should see an osteopath ?

Disturbed sleep

The behavior disorders

ENT problems


The plagiocephaly

Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease

Congenital torticolis

Osteopathy for your child


The osteopath aims to
children blussom, smyle and active


Osteopathy helps baby and children how to grow in the best way.

During this period, the body is very solicited through play time, sports and everyday activities.

A lot of accident can happen as falls, traumas or even a heavy back-pack can provoc dysfunctions.


Osteopathy treatment is a simple, fun and efficient tool for baby and children.

It will help them thrive by avoiding inconvenient pains like scoliosis, pscychomotor problems, sleep or focus disorders or hyperactive behaviour.

The osteopath allows them to be aware of their bodies, their physiological functions as well as their physical and mebtals abilties.